Welcome Letter

Dear First Grade Families,


My name is Mrs. Farner, and I am very excited to be working with you and your child! The following information will be helpful, as we begin the school year.



Below is a list of suggested supplies that your child can bring to school:


ü     Large Glue stick

ü     24 pack of Crayons

ü     Large chunk eraser

ü     Box of pencils

ü     Folders (I will have one prepared for your child on the first day of school, but please keep extras on hand at home, for they dot ravel to and from school daily).


Please keep extra supplies on hand at home, for materials will need to be replaced, as the year progresses. Please also put your child’s name on all supplies brought to school.


For any willing families, donations for our classroom are being collected from the list below:

Hand Sanitizer


Clorox Wipes

Paper Towels

Large Ziploc Bags

Small Ziploc Bags


Daily Communication

Your child will use their folder to take papers to and from school daily, it is very important that you go through your child’s folder on a daily basis. One side of the folder is labeled stay at home. You will need to remove items from this side of the folder nightly. The other side is labeled return to school. These papers should be looked over and returned to school as needed. You may place notes for me on the return to school side of the folder.



A classroom newsletter will be sent home at the beginning of each school week, containing important information for the week, such as weekly spelling words, and our story of the week. Please take the time necessary to read the important information.



Students will be given homework twice a week. The assignments should take between 15-20 minutes to complete. In addition to the homework assignments students should be reading with you for 20 minutes each night, and studying spelling and vocabulary words. Homework should be returned in their folders the day after it is assigned. We start teaching our children good habits now.


Parent Involvement

Parents will have multiple opportunities to volunteer in the classroom. I will need volunteers to work with small groups of children, as well as volunteers to complete different tasks for me. I had sign-up sheets at open house. I will send them home again so everyone has an opportunity to signup. Please let me know ahead of time if you are planning on coming in. In order to help, volunteer, or come on field trips you must complete an Ichat form. Anew one must be completed every school year. I recommend both parents fill one out no matter what. I had several instances last year where only one parent completed one and then the other parent wanted to attend something and was unable because they did not have a completed Ichat. The turn around process is two weeks so please don’t wait.



Good discipline is important to any classroom, so that all students may have an equal opportunity to learn. This year our school is implementing School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS). This is a proactive approach based on prevention and intervention aimed at creating a safe and effective school.


We will be utilizing a color coded flip chart. The colors will mean the following:

Green- Soaring To Success! (Each student will start the day on green.)

Yellow- Warning

Orange- Consequence (privilege loss, time out, phone call home, think sheet, etc.)

Red- Office discipline referral


Students who have good behavior will earn incentives. At the end of each day all the students on green will earn a small treat (Smartie, Hershey’s Kiss). At the end of the month there will be a school wide incentive for all students with good behavior. There will also be a year end incentive. More information on the SWPBS will come home soon.


Healthy Snack

We will break mid-morning for a snack, it is the responsibility of the family to provide a snack for their child, SNACKS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED. Please keep in mind that snack time takes place during the morning so sugary snacks are not permitted. Suggestions for snacks include:pretzels, fruit, veggies, dry cereal, string cheese, crackers, etc. Please do not send in pudding, yogurt, or juice.



I would be happy to celebrate your child’s birthday in our classroom, but please give me ample notice. Please do not bring in a cake. It is to difficult and time consuming to cut a cake and distribute to children. A creative alternative to cupcakes is treat bags filled with pencils, fruitsnacks, etc. Students really enjoy receiving those and it is something you and your child can make together.





Attached to this letter you will find a form that you will need to fill out. To ensure the safety of your child it is crucial that I know what they are expected to do at the end of each school day. In addition, it is required that you notify me in writing of any changes in your child’s daily routine.This is to ensure your child’s safety. Please remember that I will not make changes to your child’s daily routine unless I am notified.



Children can bring a sack lunch or may purchase a hot lunch.You may pay in advance using a lunch account. Please contact the office for information on this. Please discuss with your child each morning what they are doing for lunch. You would be surprised how many students do not know if they are bringing or buying lunch. Please send lunch money in a bag or envelope marked with your child’s name.



Please make sure your child is on time to school. It is very important that children arrive on time to get the morning directions and routine. It is also disruptive to the class when students frequently come in late. School starts at 8:50.


A Great Year Ahead

In closing, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this important letter. Please keep this letter for your records, for the policies and procedures defined will be followed forthe duration of the school year. They must be followed, in order to run an effective and safe classroom your cooperation is so very much appreciated.

Please feel free to contact me anytime. You can call me at 734-692-2217 ext 2701 or email me at farnerce@wbsdweb.com



Mrs. Farner